lunes, 19 de febrero de 2018

DAY 5, Monday, February 19, 2018
Daily Report: Quinto II

·         ·       LEYDY PARRA: Students learned the functions of words as  part of speech. Homework: for next class, write 2 words of each function. Use your dictionary to write the meaning and function. Total words: 18.
·         ·         JULIAN CORREA: Today we worked on the format to present quizzes, homeworks, workshops, etc; also we started “Wh questions” quiz.
·         ·         JULIAN SIERRA: Today we read a text, looked for unknown words  and answered some reading comprehension questions about it. Also we did some presentations on things kids would like to do if they were time travellers.
·         JHON PEÑA:  today we continued practicing and correcting sentences in the past. Please study the verbs in past for the quiz tomorrow.
FRANCES: Aujourd'hui, reprise de la poésie “Les beaux metiers”. Boîte à outils p 46, les métiers. Activité 1 p 40 (Activite): faire la description des 2 images. Vendredi 23 fevrier, evaluation sur l´unité 5 de Tip Top (La classe verte)
INGLES-UNO: today we checked the homework and gave back the quiz about healthy living. Please study the contractions on page 68 the weekly quiz next Wednesday.

Los invitamos el próximo sábado 24 de febrero a la primera  reunión de padres de familia a las 8:00am en el colegio. Es muy importante su asistencia ya que haremos la elección de representantes  de padres  al consejo y a la asociación.

Thank You
Primary Teachers And Coordination

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